Speakers Bureaus

Organizations wishing to utilize a speakers bureau to schedule my services can contact any of the following bureaus where I am listed:

I will, of course, work with any other speakers bureau of your choice or you may contact me directly by clicking on the “Book Me Now” button below.

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Scheduling a Presentation

HausmanTech does not provide “canned” lectures. While there may be common elements (for example, the definition of nanotechnology does not change), each presentation is tailored to the client’s specific needs and takes into account the most recent developments in the subject matter area(s) of the presentation. The first step in scheduling a presentation is to contact me either via e-mail or phone. We can discuss the goals you have in mind for a presentation and how they can be achieved.  If you utilize the services of a speakers bureau they will provide me with your contact information so that I can speak with you directly.  


Our fee schedule for an in-person presentation typically ranges from $3,000 – $25,000 based on factors that include, but are not limited to, complexity of the topic(s), amount of research required, length of presentation and location of event. The actual price quote may be below or above this stated range and I am certainly willing to work with you to keep within your budget constraints.  Please contact me to discuss. Fees for webinars are generally less than in-person presentations. In addition to the speaking fee, business or first class travel from the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and lodging arrangements are required.  Significant discounts of the speaking fee are available for institutions of higher learning and the federal government. Appropriate trade outs will be considered. The additional fee for multiple presentations during the same event, or several presentations given over a multi-day period, will be discounted rather than being a simple multiple of the fee for a single presentation. The exact fee will be determined by the factors noted above.  A deposit of fifty percent (50%) of the fee is due as soon as I have made a firm commitment to speak at your event. This deposit guarantees the date will be reserved for you on my calendar. If it is necessary to reschedule our work all of your deposit will be applied towards a new, mutually agreed upon date to take place within one year of the date of the agreement. All fees will be “fee in effect” at time of reschedule. In the event of a cancellation by your organization, the deposit will be forfeited.


I charge a flat fee of $200 for transportation within the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan area. All other travel requires either business or first class air or rail travel, accommodations and ground transportation. All travel expenses are payable no later than three weeks in advance of the engagement.  Fees already committed to airline or rail travel are refundable only to the extent that a refund can be received from the airline or rail company. Ground Transportation (parking, limousine, taxi, or rental car – to/from departure airport and to/from arrival airport) will be billed to the client following the event and will be payable within 10 business days after being billed. I can also provide a negotiated flat fee for transportation and other costs, if desired.

Accommodations and Other Expenses 

For presentations in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan area no accommodations will typically be required unless the presentations is early in the morning. For other venues, given the uncertain nature of current air travel, it is usually best that I arrive at the location at least the day before the event. This will necessitate a hotel stay of at least one night. Marriott hotels are preferred but events held at other hotel brands will present no problems. If the presentation occurs in the late afternoon or evening then another night’s stay is usually required. Hotel expenses, meals and other incidental expenses will be billed to the client following the presentation and will be payable within 10 business days after being billed.

Length of presentation 

Presentations usually range from 60-90 minutes inclusive of questions, but will of course be accommodated to the needs of the client.


Due to the specialized nature of my presentation software I provide my own computer. The client organization is responsible for providing:

  • A computer projector (capable of showing full motion video) and screen;
  • A lectern and lavaliere/wireless (or similar) microphone.
  • Power source (120 volt) with 3 electrical outlets in close proximity (within 24 inches) of the podium which can accommodate my laptop.
  • When speaking to small group I can provide my own loudspeakers; large conference rooms will generally require the capability to attach my computer to a sound system.
  • Access to the conference room for testing purposes should be available at least one hour prior to the presentation.

I can also supply introductory remarks and my photograph (jpeg format) in a number of resolutions. Recording my presentation, either audio or video, for archival purposes for use by the sponsoring organization is permissible for an additional fee of $1,500. If my presentation is recorded, I also require the following:

  • A complete copy of the unedited recording to be sent to me within two weeks following the event;
  • Two copies of the completed, edited recording (preferably on CD, DVD or USB flash drive) to be sent to me upon completion;
  • Permission to use any portion of the audio or video recording on my website or for other publicity purposes.
  • If photographs are taken during the event I require electronic copies and permission to use them for publicity purposes.

No sale or commercial use of my presentation is permitted.

Taxpayer Identification 

I will provide a taxpayer identification number via the W-9 form to the client organization by e-mail following return of the signed contract.

Ancillary Events 

I am available for ancillary events in conjunction with the presentation such as dinners, panels, executive sessions and individual consultations. These are typically included in the price of the presentation as long as I have no other commitments that would preclude my attendance.

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure 

Many of our clients have requested, due to issues related to economic competitiveness or security, that we not reveal their identities or the subject(s) of our presentations. It is our policy to honor these requests. As such, we do not, unless specifically permitted by the client, provide this information.

Security Clearance 

Information about my security clearance is available, as required, on request.

My One Sheet 

A One Sheet is used by speakers for publicity purposes. Mine is located here.