It has been said of the would today that “the only constant is change.” Dr. Steven Hausman, with over thirty years experience as a researcher, administrator and senior executive at the world’s premier biomedical research organization, the National Institutes of Health, can provide an exciting glimpse of the future to your group. He is as comfortable presenting to scientific meetings in large auditoriums as he is talking to venture capitalists in small conference rooms. Dr. Hausman has a talent for describing innovations in science and technology in clear and understandable language. Drawing from a vast repertoire of movies, images, and news articles Dr. Hausman specializes in presentations on emerging technologies that highlight the most recent developments in:

A presentation can include additional elements such as:

  • Batteries and Fuel Cells
  • Chip and Data Storage Technology
  • Cultural Issues Related to Emerging Technologies
  • Disability-related Computing
  • Display Technologies
  • ePaper and eBooks
  • Future Trends
  • History of Computing
  • Home of the Future
  • Security and Military Applications of Technology
  • Virtual Reality
  • Wireless Technology

Examples of Lecture Titles

  • There is No Room for Doubt – If You Believe It Can Be Done
  • The Salon of the Future
  • Nanotechnology: The Very Small Looms Very Large
  • Biometrics: The Science of Being You
  • Robotics and the Workforce of the Future
  • The Bionic Human – No Need to Wait
  • 3D Printing: The New Disruptive Technology
  • Emerging Technologies: Where will you be skating?
  • Power Wheels: The History and Future of the Electric Vehicle
  • Aging and the Prospect of a 200 Year Lifespan
  • The Home of the Future is Here Now
  • Replacing Humans: The Robotic Revolution
  • The 5 Books Plan: Lessons in Management from the Old Testament
  • Federal Government Conflict of Interest: A Primer

Examples of Topic Areas That Have Been Presented

  • A broad overview of current technologies to assist in developing investment strategies for a hedge fund.
  • A tutorial in the elements of nanotechnology, with specific examples, for a law firm to help their staff gain an understanding of the topic in preparation for upcoming patent litigation.
  • An enrichment presentation for an engineering company during the annual planning retreat.
  • An overview of home automation and zero-energy houses to a group of heating, ventilation and air conditioning engineers.
  • A visioning lecture to federal government senior executives.
  • An exploration of the latest advances in medical research to a nursing conference.

Dr. Hausman, with extensive expertise as a federal government conflict of interest ethics and compliance officer, is also available for board service.